Back Again

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One thing I can say about this blog is that I have been true to my word, it is always a feast or a famine. well, after a very prolific period there for a while you may have noticed that I completely disappeared.

You may also notice, that by the very fact that you are reading this, it means I have returned!  I have been extremely busy working with recording and I know one of my earlier posts promised upcoming gigs.  Don’t worry too much about missing the gigs because they haven’t actually happened yet.  I got held up and sidetracked with all sorts of all the work but I hope to rectify the gig situation very soon.  I don’t have any specific dates to tell you about just at the moment but I will post here immediately once I have specific details to let you know about.

I will also be posting soon about some of the other work I have been doing in the meantime.  There’s some pretty interesting stuff there. Thank you for bearing with me and I look forward to an upcoming feast of posts!

Blogs And CD Release On The Way

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I have noticed in speaking to other musicians how many of them seem to be aware of blogging but haven’t actually got around to setting it up for their site yet.  Everyone and their dog seems to cottoned on to the idea of myspace what I am surprised at the number of musicians who don’t yet have a blog set up.

So for any musicians reading this, the message is get yourself a blog immediately!  The easiest way to go about this is to set up Wordpress on your web site.  It’s a totally free software solution and will allow you to update and manage your blog very easily.  There is also an extensive range of free templates available to allow you to give your blog a really professional look.

For the nonmusician reading this, sorry about the first part you probably have absolutely no interest in that!

So before I lose you completely I had better move on to something else.

The DVD has been going really well but some people have also requested that it should be made available on CD.  Because I am a person who (almost) always bows to requests, I’m currently in the process of remastering the material for CD format. I can’t give you an exact release date just a moment but rest assured it will be posted here and on the front page of the site as soon as it’s finished.

In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to the new short Internet promo video I released recently.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet please do so by clicking here

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